Make your own language for the app is an important thing to focus local users.

In default, the Lumise support English language. There is language config on the system for you can add other translation as well.

In this area, you can see the text and text translated and some filter options on the top as well.

Bulk Actions: You can also edit or remove multiple items at once. Select the items you want to act on using the checkboxes, then select the action you want to take from the Bulk Actions menu and click Action.

  • Delete: Remove texts selected

Add New Language

Just go to Admin Panel > Languages. To enable your language, just click on the Add New Language

You get screen bellow:

From that screen, you just need to select the language you want to translate then press the Confirm to create language

The application will take some seconds to scan text and add the texts into your language selected. Of course, this time the texts are not translated.

You got the list as the first screen.

How to translate

The application provides auto translate method for all language via the Google Translate API.

You just need to select the language and the text you want to translate then press the button Auto Translate on the top.

And result:

To active, your language just go to the Admin Panel > Settings and select language for both frontend and backend.

We will add the feature for you can manage text as well.