Product Base

Firstly, we must understand what Product Base is.

Product Base looks like as a design template which used by many similar products from CMS can use to allow user edit or selling directly this product with a template design.


To manage Product Base, just go to Admin panel  > Product Base then you can see some menu here.

Firstly, the list of all products added.

In this area, you can see the stages thumbnail of product, name, SKU and some filter options on the top as well.

You can customize the display of this screen’s contents in some ways.

Bulk Actions : You can also edit or remove multiple items at once. Select the items you want to act on using the checkboxes, then select the action you want to take from the Bulk Actions menu and click Action.

  • Active : Show selected products on product list when assigning with CMS product.
  • Deactive : Hide selected products on product list when assigning with CMS product.
  • Delete : Remove selected products.

Add/Edit Product Base

To add a new item, just click on menu or button Add New Product Base. And select on of item in the list to edit that one.

You got screen bellow after that:

There are 3 tabs for each product:

  • Details – Some details information for product
  • Design – Config designs for each stage of product such as front, back, left, right
  • Attributes – Config attributes of products to use for add to cart.


There are many fields to put into a product.

  • Name : The name of product which displays on the list
  • Price : The base price for products. The total product of product will depend on price base, attributes prices, printing method selected.
  • CMS Product ID: The main product CMS which assigned to this product base. Each product base must have one main product CMS, but multi CMS product can be assigned to a product base.
  • Description: Short description of this product.
  • Categories: Select one or more categories which product base belong to. Helpful on sorting items
  • Printing Techniques: Printing methods which can apply to this product base.
  • Active: Enable/Disable clipart on front-end.


There are many options for a design of a product. The important is design area.

Lumise support drag and drop method for you can arrange area and size range as well.

  • Allow Change Color
    • No display product color: disable select product for product, it means product just have one color pre-selected
    • Only choose from set of colors: User can change product colors, but they just can choose from set of colors
    • Choose from a set of color and color picker: It’s mean there is not limited to color for this products. The user can select from a set of colors or put their own via color picker.
  • Set Product Colors: Choose and add colors for product
  • Configure Stages: Setup design area and design base for each stage.


Notice: The great feature on this tab is assign pre templates for stages of the product. It is helpful in case you want to sell directly product or just set default template to edit for users can start customizing.



Lumise support follows product attribute types:

  • Size – the set of sizes attribute for a product. You can add any size you want
  • Dropdown – a list of dropdown select items of attribute
  • Text : The text box for user can set their notice when add to cart a product
  • Upload: User can upload their notice via this type attribute
  • Radio: Display list of option for one attribute on product
  • Checkbox: Display list of options for multi-select values on an attribute.

Of course, each of them has price base and require once checkout as well.

After filling your content, just press the Save Product Base button to store data.