Install Lumise PHP

After purchase Lumise from Codecanyon, go to download item from My Account > Downloads Items. Select Lumise and download it.

Unzip the package you have then upload to your hosting folder.

To start install, type the installer URL of Lumise with structure : http://[your_domain]/[lumise_folder]/installer/

  • [your_domain] replace it with your domain URL.
  • [lumise_folder] the folder path your uploaded Lumise. If you uploaded to root folder, just leave it.

After that, follow instruction on the page to install.

You need to prepare the database info before installs such as hostname, database name, username, and password.

We noticed on the first screen of the installer.


Click on Let’s Go button to start to install.

Step 1

New page display with the required fields for database connection and folder paths.


  • Upload path: The path of folders which all data files stored. Please ensure your path is readable for all users.
  • Upload URL: The URL to the upload folder.

After filling your data, press the Submit button for verify connection and creating folders.

Step 2

If your connection does not have a problem, the installer will inform you about that and installer created the connector file to ready import sample data.


Step 3

After press import sample data. You can access your editor or admin panel with buttons in the panel.


Hope that will help finish setup in some minutes.