Sample Data PHP

We prepare the sample data for PHP version, but it is big files. So we make it as the separate package.

Please follow guide to import your own sample data.

The sample data has two parts:

  • Database
  • Files resource


To import sample, use any database management and focus your database. You can use the PHPMyAdmin to do that.

  1. Download sample database from sample.sql
  2. Open the file with any text editor.
  3. Replace text ‘databaseprefix’ to your prefix when you install.
  4. Replace URL ‘’ to your data URL when you install.
  5. Upload and import your database.


Data Files

You can find sample data from link

Then follow guide to add that to your website.

  1. Download package
  2. Unzip and use FTP Client and upload to folder /data/ of your website which you enter when install.
  3. Or upload the zip file to /data/ folder by cpanel and unzip it.
  4. Now go back to your site and check editor.


Hope that will help.


All the best!