To filter or for quick reaching them, we can assign them to categories.

To manage theme, just go to Cliparts > Categories

Similar the clipart items, we have the filter and bulk action on this screen. You can reach to items easily by sort by and pagination.

Bulk Actions: You can also remove multiple items at once. Select the items you want to act on using the checkboxes, then select the action you want to take from the Bulk Actions menu and click Action.

Add/Edit Category

To add a new item, just click on button Add New Category. You got screen bellow after that:

There are many fields to put into a category.

  • Name : the name of clipart category which displays on the list
  • Parent: Select parent category for this one.
  • Thumbnail: The picture of the category which displays on the list categories of the frontend.

After filling your content, just press the Save Category button to store data.