As an application on the desktop, the Lumise menu is a navigation bar located in the top left corner of the design editor.

1. File

  • Import file: Import design from your local which you exported from Lumise.

  • Clear all: Clear current design to empty.

  • Save to My Designs: Save your current design to My Designs.

  • Save as file: current export content on design area to a file

2. My Designs

This function manages all of your designs on your current account. You can duplicate, edit, and delete any saved design.

3. Print

Print your current design to printing devices. Just select a size or add your custom size to print.

Download your design in PNG or SVG format. Optionally, select the design file Include base or Hide overflow.

4. Help

A quick guide with shortcut keyboards for you to use Lumise Design Editor faster.

5. Undo/Redo

They are useful features on Lumise; you can track back to your works easier.

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