Click HERE to watch the video about how to configure the Shop setting in Lumise.

From the Dashboard, click on Settings > Shop.

The shop setting is where you can personalize your printing stores.

  • Currency symbol: Use for displaying on the design editor

  • Currency first: Display the currency symbol before or after the price number.

  • Currency code: The currency code uses for payment

  • Thousand separator: This sets the thousand separators of displayed price

  • Decimal separator: This sets the decimal separator of the displayed price

  • Number of decimals: This sets the number of decimals points show in displayed price

  • Show only design: Show only design in cart page (hide product)

  • Editor Page: Page to display Lumise editor for design.

  • Button Text: Customize button text. Default: Customize

  • Button Listing: Show Customize button on list products page or other listing

  • Button Product Page: Show Customize button on product page

  • Designs details in email: Send details of designs in email for admin when orders are created, send to user when orders are completed

After filling in your content. Press the SAVE SETTINGS button to store data.

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