Product Base

What is product base?

Product base is a design template that reflects the actual product. You can add designs and customize your product base. Discover how to make a product base?

1. All products base

From the Dashboard, click on Products Base > All Products Base.

This is where you manage all of your existed product base. In this area, you can see the product base stages thumbnail, name, and status.

  • Add New Product Base: Instantly add a new product base.

  • Bulk Actions: Multiple actions apply to your selected products base.

  • Filter: Sort your product base with the selected alphabet order.

  • Search: Quick search with keywords.

  • Status: Active/ Deactive product base similar to hide/unhide on the product base list.

2. Add New Product Base

From the Dashboard, click on Products Base > Add New Product Base.

There are 4 tabs for each product base:

  • Details: Some detailed information for a product base.

  • Designs: Config designs for each stage of the product, such as front, back, left, and right.

  • Variations: Create all available variations from created attributes.

  • Attributes: Config attributes of products to use for add to cart.

1. Details

  • Name The name of the product base displays on the list.

  • Price: The base price for products. The product's total cost will depend on the base price, attributes, and selected printing method.

  • CMS Product: The CMS will automatically assign when you create a Woocomerce product that uses this product base. Each product base must have its product CMS.

  • Description: Short description of this product.

  • Categories: Select one or more categories to which this product base belong to. Helpful for sorting items.

  • Printing Techniques: Printing methods that can apply to this product base.

  • Active: Enable/Disable product base on the switching products.

2. Design

  • Product Stages: Add more product stages. Ex: 2 stages for a t-shirt.

  • Design Area: Drag to set the design area with an editable radius zone.

  • Printing Size: Select the size of the design area, or customize with your size.

  • Export Include Base: Export for printing include product base image.

  • Crop Marks & Bleed: Show the guideline for crop marks & bleed on Lumise editor.

  • Select product image: Select a product image with JPG & PNG format only.

Enable "Use a mask layer" when uploading the product image as a mask image to enable product color change.

3. Attributes

Lumise support follows product attribute types:

  • Product Colors: A list of available product colors

  • Dropdown: a list of dropdown select items of the attribute.

  • Input Text: The text box for users can set their notice when adding a product to cart.

  • Options: A list of customizable options for a product.

  • Quantity: Display a range of quantities for a product.

You will be able to add an extra price for each attribute.

After filling in your content. Press the SAVE PRODUCT button to store data.

4. Variations

Create product variations when you have some attributes by clicking on Add new Variation.

Base on your product attributes creates all available variations.

Click on Expand to enter more information for each variation.

Hit on SAVE PRODUCT to save all product variations.

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