1. What is language?

Multi-language is a very crucial thing for an international printing store. English is the default language of Lumise. But, you can add your preferred languages in the Lumise language settings. Click HERE to watch the video about how to set up a language in Lumise.

The application provides the auto-translate function for all languages via the Google Translate API.

2. Languages

From the Dashboard, click on Languages > Languages.

This is where you manage all of your created languages. In this area, you can see the original text, translate text, and the language flag.

  • Add New Language: Instantly add a new language.

  • Filter: Sort the original text with the chosen alphabet order and selected language.

  • Search: Quick search with keywords.

3. Add New Language

From the Dashboard, click on Languages > Add New Language.

Select your preferred language then press the Confirm to create language.

The application will take seconds to scan text and add the texts into your language selected. Of course, this time the texts are not translated yet.

To translate, select the language and the original text then click Auto Translate.

Wait a few seconds to get this result.

4. Active Languages

To active your language just go to Settings > Languages and set the Lumise language for both frontend and backend.

To allow your users to switch language manuals from all of your available languages. You must turn on the Allow User Change.

After filling in your content. Press the SAVE SETTINGS button to store data.

5. Add Translate Text

From the Dashboard, click on Languages > Add Translate Text.

  • Translate Text: Enter the translated text.

  • Original Text: Enter the original text.

  • Language: Select the language that you want to translate to.

After filling in your content. Press the SAVE TRANSLATE TEXT button to store data.

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