Design Template

1. What is a template?

Design templates are a list of the template which you prepare for users use. They can add them to a product with one click. Even you can set a pre-template for a product for selling directly without adding to a design. Click HERE to watch the video about Templates & Cliparts in Lumise.

2. All Templates

From the Dashboard, click on Design Templates > All Templates.

This is where you manage all of your existed templates. In this area, you can see the template thumbnail, name, and status.

  • Add New Template: Instantly add a new templates.

  • Bulk Actions: Multiple actions apply to your selected templates.

  • Filter: Sort your templates with category and created date.

  • Search: Quick search with keywords.

  • Status: Active/ Deactive templates similar to hide/unhide them on the design editor.

Easily add/ remove any template to the featured list.

3. Add New Template

From the Dashboard, click on Cliparts > Add New Template.

  • Name: The name of template for displaying.

  • Categories: Select one or more relevant categories to which the template belongs to.

  • Tags: Add related tags for the template.

  • Upload design file: The template file, we support .lumise and .json file only.

  • Price: base price for this template. The Product Price will increase if users use this template.

  • Featured: Put template into the featured template items list

  • Active: Enable/Disable template on front-end.

By entering the template keywords and categories properly. Your users can fastly search and sort items.

After filling in your content. Press the SAVE TEMPLATE button to store data.

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