Lumise PHP

It is super easy to install Lumise for Php. Follow this simple instruction to begin.

1- Uploading

After purchasing from Codecanyon, go straight to My Account > Download Items. Then download Lumise to your computer.

You will need to upload the downloaded zip file to your hosting folder and then extract the zip file.

2- Installing

Step 1: Begin

To install, you'll need to access this URL by replacing two elements http://[your_domain]/[lumise_folder]/installer/.

your_domain: replace it with your domain URL.

lumise_folder: the folder path your uploaded Lumise. If you uploaded to root folder, just leave it.

This will prompt the Welcome panel. Click on LET'S GO!

Step 2: Database information.

Fill in your database connection details.

Suppose you're not sure about this information. Please contact your hosting provider for this inquiry.

Upload path: The path of folders in which all data files stored. Please ensure your path is readable for all users.

Upload URL: The URL to the upload folder.

Click on SUBMIT to verify the connection and creating folders.

Step 3: Import sample data.

If your database information is correct. The installer will prompt this notification. Click to IMPORT SAMPLE DATA to go through the final step.

Step 4: Finishing.

🎉 Congratulations, you have just completed installing Lumise for Php with a few easy steps. You can now access your DESIGN EDITOR or ADMIN PANEL.

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