1. What is a shape?

A shape is a form of an object or its external boundary, outline, or external surface instead of other properties such as color, texture, or material composition. Lumise support shapes with SVG format.

2. All Shapes

From the Dashboard, click on Shapes > All Shapes.

This is where you manage all of your existed shapes. In this area, you can see the shape thumbnail, name, and status.

  • Add New Shape: Instantly add a new shape.

  • Bulk Actions: Multiple actions apply to your selected shapes.

  • Filter: Sort your shape with the chosen alphabet order.

  • Search: Quick search with keywords.

  • Status: Active/ Deactive shapes similar to hide/unhide them on the design editor.

3. Add New Shape

From the Dashboard, click on Shapes > Add New Shape.

  • Name: The name of shape for displaying

  • Content: The SVG content you got from your SVG file. Paste for preview

  • Order: The ordering of shape in the list.

  • Active: Enable/Disable shape on front-end.

After filling in your content. Press the SAVE SHAPE button to store data.

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