Printing Type

1. What is a printing type?

In industrial printing, there are many methods to process production design. Each product has its own methods, you need to create different methods for users to select when purchasing.

2. How it works?

Each printing method has its own way of calculating the price. Lumise provides you four options of calculation with a quantity range to flexible your decision.

Four calculation methods:

  • Base on a number of resources: Text, Clipart, Images, Uploaded Image…
  • Base on the number of colors: 1 Color, 2 Color or full color.
  • Base on the size of print production: A1, A2,…A6.
  • A Fixed price for each quantity.
Click HERE to learn more about how to use each calculation method.

3. All Printing Types

From the Dashboard, click on Printing Type > All Printing Type.
This is where you manage all of your existed printing types. In this area, you can see the printing thumbnail, name, description, and status.
  • Add New Printing: Instantly add a new printing.
  • Bulk Actions: Multiple actions apply to your selected printing types.
  • Filter: Sort your printing type with the selected alphabet order.
  • Search: Quick search with keywords.
  • Status: Active/ Deactive printing type similar to hide/unhide on the design editor.

4. Add New Printing

From the Dashboard, click on Printing Type > Add New Printing.

1. Fill in some general information for the new printing

  • Printing Title: The name of printing method for displaying.
  • Printing thumbnail: Upload a preview thumbnail for this method.
  • Description: Some describe text for this method.
  • Calculation Price: Allow calculate printing price base on all stages or stage by stage.
  • Active: Enable/Disable printing type on the design editor.

2. Select an appropriate calculation method

  • Calculate price with Text, Clipart, Images, Upload
  • Calculate price with one color
  • Calculate price with the size of area design
  • A ixed price for each quantity
After filling in your content. Press the SAVE PRINTING button to store data.
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