As an application on the desktop, there are some menus included on Lumise.



  • New Design: Start new empty design for the current product.
  • Import Design: Import design from your local which you exported from Lumise
  • Clear all: Clear current design to empty
  • Save as file: current export content on design area to a file
  • Make a Copy: Duplicate your current design content on area to new design
  • Download: export your design to another format: SVG, JPG, PNG, JSON, PDF

 My Designs

This is management of all your designs on current PC

With each design, you can duplicate or focus edit and delete it.

To start new design just press New Design button


Print current your design to printing devices

Just select a size or add your custom size to print or download result.


Some guide for you to use Lumise Design Editor easier.


They are useful featured on Lumise; you can track back to your works easier.